Bad Day

So…I’ve busy very busy with band camp all this week. Not the “let’s go and march around and get skin cancer” band camp, but the “let’s go to every sporting event on campus” band camp. Yep, I’m in the pep band. Possibly one of the most time consuming musical groups I have ever been in, but I go to every basketball game on campus and most of the other sport games, so it’s fun.
Anyway, not a great day. I did a masterclass today and there was chair placement auditions for ensemble as well. The last month I have been wondering what the hell I was supposed to be playing for this and all I got word of was prepare scales, arpeggios, and sight reading. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Well, there was prepared music for this lovely audition, which I never received. I was told they sent it to me, but I have looked through my spam and multiple emails trying to find this music that was sent to me. I was also told I was asked on facebook if I received this music. Not only did I not receive the music, but I never got the facebook message either. I have looked through my archives and history for this message…nada. 
Needless to say I am aggravated. I have a great passion for music, and take it very seriously, and always prepare to the greatest possible extent for my auditions. I ended up going into this blind and sight read, and orchestral excerpt and other two other difficult pieces. I was beyond embarrassed with my audition. Who knows what is going to happen. I’m in the mood that if I could drop the class I would.

No recipe today, just needing somewhere to vent. I will try and be back on schedule next week. 


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