Strawberry Mousse: Strawberries, and more Strawberries, Strawberries Part 2

So back to the story about all the strawberries I bought. Two pounds down from Strawberry Juice Syrup I made. One more down with a yummy strawberry mousse recipe I found on Now this may not be news to everyone else, but did you know mousse has raw egg whites in it??? ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. I’ve been eating mousse this whole time and had no idea, but I also have eaten cookie dough my whole life and known about that. Now, granted, there are egg white substitutes you could use in it, but after researching it, I found some tips when using raw eggs for consumption (who would have thought I would ever say that).
1. Don’t wash the egg.

Now I don’t wash my eggs, but I know some people do, especially when they are going to separate eggs like this recipe calls for. It can spread the bacteria over the whole egg just like when you wash raw chicken, which you’re also not supposed to do. Fun Fact: America is the ONLY country that refrigerates their eggs. It’s because we (America) wash our eggs after the chicken lays them and that washing off the protective barrier and starts letting air into the eggs through the porous shell. I know this probably grosses and terrifies people at the same time (Salmonella etc.), but think about it. When a chicken lays an egg, the farmer isn’t going to have an alarm that goes off so that the egg can be taken and refrigerated right then. It’s going to sit outside for a while and we use those eggs every day. They could sit at room temperature until we use them if they hadn’t been washed. It’s more aesthetically pleasing to us to not have a dirty egg. If you go to the farmer’s market and find someone selling eggs, ask them if they wash them before and discuss it with them. Vendors at the farmers market love when the customer asks questions about their product; if they are annoyed, I wouldn’t buy from them. Why now answer questions if you have nothing to hide?

2. Don’t use the egg shell for separating the yolk from the whites.

Now again I don’t do this because I find I break more yolks this way. I have a nifty little Tupperware egg separator that I got from my momma that is probably older than I am. You can find these on amazon and ebay still. I think Tupperware discontinued them. I found plenty of results by typing in Tupperware Egg Separator. Anyway when you move the egg yolk back and forth between the two shells, you actually make it more likely to get Salmonella because that bacteria is kept on the shell and since the membrane has been broken when you crack the egg, it can now make contact with the shell.4

3. Salmonella is typically found in the yolk.

Well nothing to worry about with this recipe because it’s all egg whites, but there is still a chance the Salmonella is in the whites as well. 

Well, now that I have  made you paranoid about raw eggs and how to handle them here is the recipe for a delicious Strawberry Mousse.

Strawberry Mousse

1 egg white or 4 tsp of powdered egg whites

1/4 cup warm water

1/2 cup white sugar

2 cups fresh strawberries, chopped

Place the egg white and warm water in a mixing bowl. Now whip at high speed for two minutes using a whisk attachment until the mixtures is light and foamy.

Gradually whisk in the sugar and fresh strawberries at medium speed. Once all the strawberries and sugar are added, gradually move the speed back to high speed and whip until mixture fills the bowl.

Transfer to your serving bowl and freeze for 4 hours.

To serve, remove from the freezer and garnish with fresh fruit. I used strawberries and bananas.


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